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For the best art in Fresno come check out the Fresno Arthouse

All Artists in Fresno welcome!

We are a 100% commission free gallery anything you sell here is your benefit, if you are willing to sell your work. We require that all work is gallery ready ie: ready to hang with wires and frames (WE DON’T ACCEPT PAPERWORKS WITHOUT FRAMES). A price list with contact information is also required for your work so that the Arthouse can sell your work for you.

Our spaces available are 4 ft X 8 ft space at a fee of $35, 8 ft X 8 ft wall space for $50. If you want a larger space we also have them available. Fee is due on drop off days.

Booths for vendors are also available for a vendors fee of $40 per booth. Vendor must arrive at the Arthouse on ArtHop between 5-10pm. The vendors fee is due upon arrival.

Arthouse is open to the public on the first Thursday from 5-10pm usually with live music or DJ. Or by appointment.


Christopher GeigleThanks-@bobbypero-for-his-photoshoot-at-the-@fresnoarthouse-for-the-bizarre-legacy-ultimate-pop-up-s


Arthouse Co-Owner
Instagram @bluemammal


Contact us today!

Adam MenaIMG_7176


Arthouse Co-Owner
Instagram @Ada22m



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  4. Stace DeWolf
    February 16, 2016 @ 6:21 PM

    Love the work featured In your gallery. I’m an artist from Kamloops , British Columbia, Canada. Would love for you to check out my latest work on Instagram @W_O_L_F_M_A_N

    It would be great to be able to submit some of my work.


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